Covid-19:UK record about 1565 daily deaths

Covid-19:UK record about 1565 daily deaths

The UK has a huge number of its citizens infected with COVID-19, with daily infection rates rising. Yesterday, the UK recorded a record COVID-19 fatalities of about 1,565.

UK's Covid-19 fatality figures takes a new high

About 1,565 individuals lost their lives in Britain within three weeks of a positive COVID-19 test. This is the biggest casualty figures announced in a day since the pandemic started. This brings the total number of UK citizens that have lost their lives to 84,767. 


A medical expert from public health in England, Dr. Yvonne Doyle mentioned that they have now experienced more deaths. The second wave than the first wave. This came after the British prime minister talked about a huge risk of intensive care capacity being overstretched. Talking to the Commons' liaison committee, Boris Johnson said the situations are dire and that the pressure on health staff is huge. 


He advised citizens to always follow lockdown rules which mandate UK citizens to remain at home and only go out to get essential goods. Related measures can also be found across Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. As of Thursday, fresh cases of 47, 500 have been announced. 

Covid-19 deaths to rise despite vaccinations 

What is disheartening about this fatality rate is that it is definitely going to increase despite vaccinations. People at the risk of dying are those who got affected during the yuletide season. It is not all doom and gloom as fresh Infections are expected to remain below 40,000. 


 This is good news because there are days when the infection population has passed 60,000. If the trend of fresh cases declining continues then it will mean death rates will reduce. 


Sir Keir Starmer, a Labor leader has called for stiffer restrictions across England, questioning why restrictions are more flexible than when the pandemic started. Although it was still early days to panic, he thinks that tough measures should be applied if it will keep people safer.

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