What to know before going on holiday to Malta?

Malta is undeniably one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Its beaches and its rich architectural and cultural heritage attract many tourists every year. For your holidays, have you set your sights on Malta? Here are 5 things you should know before going on vacation to this state of the European Union.

Entry procedures

Before making your trip to Malta, you should find out about how to enter Malta. If you are a country in the European Union or in the Schengen area, you will have no trouble going to Malta. Otherwise, it is better to apply for a Maltese tourist visa. Depending on your nationality, you may be eligible for the European Commission's Visa Waiver Program. More information on https://www.etias-visas.com.

Languages spoken in Malta

​​ Malta is a state that was once colonized by the British. As a result, the official languages ​​spoken there are English and Maltese. Many people in Malta also understand Italian. If you only speak French or Spanish, you will have a little trouble making yourself understood by the locals.

The Internet

Many people today give up traveling to certain countries just because the Internet network is very inefficient there. You won't have to worry about this. The internet network in Malta is very efficient. Many public places have free Wi-Fi.


Transportation is also a very important aspect for tourists. Fortunately in Malta, transport is not very expensive. You will easily find buses both day and night. Bus tickets generally cost between 1.5 euros and 2 euros, depending on the period. You can also take the ferry or taxi.


Knowing the weather forecast before going to Malta is also necessary. The sun shines most of the year in Malta (around 300 days). During the summer the temperature rises to 27 ° C and above. Winter is quite mild and humid with an average temperature of 12 ° C. The weather is therefore delicious in Malta almost all year round.

Malta is also the safest country in the entire Mediterranean. So you will  risk nothing strolling through the Maltese streets both during the day and at night.