President Trump to face senate trial after the second impeachment

President Trump is facing one of the toughest moments of his political career. After the House of Representatives impeached him for the second time, he will face the senate early February.

Donald Trump to take on senate after impeachment

President Donald Trump will face the senate after the house impeached him and charged him with gross misconduct in office. The US president is accused of encouraging mob action which prompted the chaos that engulfed the Capitol last week.


In the ensured protest that stormed the congress about five people lost their lives with 15 people injured. This trial is expected to start shortly after the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. If the president is successfully convicted, senators may also vote to ban him from holding a further elective post in the future.


This trial happened because the House of Representatives believes he incited the crowd with his statement and played a critical role in the chaos. President Trump has repeatedly rejected claims he is responsible for the violence. Immediately after the violence that happened at the capitol, he told friends and supporters to be calm.

Unperturbed Trump addresses supporters

Shortly after he was impeached, President Trump addressed the citizens, telling them to be peaceful and avoid fomenting troubles. He didn’t say anything about the impeachment brought against him. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned of a possible violent protest in all the states of the nation during the inauguration week.


It is expected that the upper house in the senate will organize a trial to determine if Mr. Trump is guilty or not, however, this is not expected to happen until after the inauguration. Though, the senate leader said he is yet to take a stand on the matter. If President Trump is successfully indicted, the house will have to vote again to bar him from future elective positions.